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The herbal Grammy

I’m just a regular Lady  whose been a mom and learned lots of things through trial and error. mostly error. I’m an herbalist who just happens to be a Grammy, and a Grammy who just happens to be an author of children’s books.

 Life is strange the things it hands us, but it’s through our God above and each other,  that we’ll all make it just fine. 



Providing a healthy environment for our families and grandchildren to learn and grow is essential

I put together the formulas that are written about  in " Mother Nature's Solutions and the Comforter System with Herbal Formulas."  These formulas  and book were created and written  by Ruth White.  These formulas contain multiple herbs that may be difficult for people to obtain .  I have gathered them all together and follow the exact instructions listed in the book in preparation for those who are seeking options and natural ways. 

Please note I am not a Dr and can not diagnose or treat illnesses that you are under a Dr's care for. I can offer support and ideas for adding natural and healthy options into your life. Please always study out each herb and herbal formula to know what is best for you. Education and knowledge gives us power over our own lives and the way we choose to live them. You know you best. Listen to your body. It will tell you what you need and help you find it.  

Healthy foods grow healthy babies.

Healthy children come from healthy people, healthy food and healthy homes.

Becoming an herbalist is teaching me, the more I learn, the more I don't know. This is exciting because it means that there is always another adventure with something more to learn just around the corner. 

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